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Note that this information Comes from someone who was previously a fan of this person. Originally Koneko kitten was a better person.
== KonekoKitten ==
Konekokitten is a Youtuber who lies about his content being famliy-friendly. He is aRoblox Youtuber who says that all of his videos are family-friendly. When he usually just talks about age-restricted, non-kid-friendly things, in his gameplay videos, he play a violent game (arsenal) which contains:[[File:Unnamed.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Koneko's profile picture]]
* Terrorism
* Shooting
* Homicide
* Murder
And others, the only thing he thinks that it's not for kids is Swearing...
== His Original Content ==
his Original Content was better before.
Originally he did not use Background footage in his videos, those videos were better and were the golden age of his channel. he makes a video without background footage Sometimes, those videos are usually really good/well made. currently that is the only bad part of his channel. he might change one day. if you are somehow able to, please try contacting him to view this page again and tell him to read all of it, not just the parts "hating" on him.
Note: He already read all this thing so really it's not nessecary and also Arsenal doesn't really contain those things, it's really just a PVP game where you respawn and change weapons with every OOF.
==== Refrences ====
== Response ==
KonekoKitten Actually Made a video responding to the original page. he called it cringe and claimed it was painful to read. he did not show the last part on the page where it says that he was better before, and then shows some of the content Before he started playing arsenal (the game where you shoot people who look very much like children) or the part saying that he should at least say sorry. He never mentioned that the Page said that the writer was originally a fan of his content, until he started going downhill, he got worse and worse over time, but who knows, Maybe he will improve if he sees this page again.
== Redeeming Quality's ==
* like mentioned before, He was a really good youtuber.
* He Uploads Non Background footage videos from time to time.
== Trivia ==
* He Was Not Always like this. in early 2018/2017 and before he was a really good Channel, He still Makes good videos sometimes. But before he was better until arsenal ruined his channel
* the original konekokitten page on the original Terrible tubers wiki was the most popular page on the wiki, currently this page is also the most popular on the Terrible tubers Archive wiki.

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delete this page please.

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