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This is a Wiki Stating problems with YouTubers, Remember that Most of this wiki will just be archived stuff.

There are currently 6 Terrible Tubers!

Note that criticism/hate on wikis like this are usually directed to the YouTuber so they see what they have done and improve their channels/content over time, we aren't trying to bully anyone. even if they are people who make a hate video on a page about them. in the future they possibly will look back on their video and realize, "this person who wrote this was trying to improve my channel and help me know what I should have stopped."

People can also flag an article for being falsely hater-made should it be necessary, this has happened to 1 page.

Terrible Tubers:

(in order of addition):


Ramen planet


Doritos Reaction

Lisa Gaming

Paloma RBLX

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